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Top predicted tips for website design elements in 2019

Website design is constantly changing to adapt to consumers tastes. Each year, there are specific strategies for design and development that companies should implement in order to get the most traffic to their sites and retain viewers once they get there. Here are the predicted ones for 2019:

  • SPEED – How much time do you think that you get to make a good impression with a potential customer? If you are talking about interacting with them online, you have less than three seconds to make a good impression. Especially with the wide variety of and advancing website, users are impatient and picky with what websites they choose to spend their time on.
  • MOBILE – Mobile versions of sites are crucial. Desktop is being rapidly replaced with mobile and this is causing many companies to adapt their sites to be mobile first in an attempt to provide seamless user experience.
  • DESIGN – Design for 2019 will include a lot of pages with broken grids, asymmetrical layout and shapes. Another trend will be single pages sites where the user scrolls through the information instead of clicking to other pages. Utilizing video backgrounds is also gaining popularity in 2019
  • CHATBOTS – This is a trend from 2018 that will just keep growing in 2019. Chatbots provide users with the information they need as quickly as they want it.

Top ‘Must Know’ SEO Tips for 2019

Already make keyword research and write good content? Also, already follow all the disciplined on-page SEO steps? Sadly still, your web page and content pieces don’t seem rank in 2019?

Maybe you did cover all the basics of SEO but there are some labyrinthine things that you skip or miss.

Here, we have 5 top SEO tips for 2019 which is a post with game plan and ideas. These are normally stay concealed or seems tangled.


Definitely, your competitors are your best teachers. Also, learning from your competitors give you a clear picture of what and how you need to do. The same happens when you want your SEO techniques to work.  There are 3 steps to make competitor analysis easy, effective and insightful:

Step 1: SERP Analysis – Understand the dominating of that SERP (commercial, navigational or informational). And also, pick points from the writing style of URLs created by competitor pages.

Step 2: Competitor’s Content – Evaluate the topics included in competitor content pieces. Also, understand the content outline and the flow of their work. Next, spot keywords and their positions in content pieces. (Write down any weaknesses you find in terms of content quality).

Step 3: Social Media Analysis – Prepare your content for its promotional purpose since its beginning. (Big players in this industry spend their money and time creating new ways to market their content on social media. Such as the writing style, use of hashtags and image selection).


Sometimes the complexity of SEO techniques stops you from achieving your maximum creative extent. A better way to justify creative quality and technical quality together is to design a pattern for SEO. In 2019, this SEO tip is the most valuable change you can bring to your working style. Learn the basics of search engine optimization. Then, divide SEO responsibilities into three clear parts.

  • Choose a task that is necessary before starting the content. – Topic research, keyword research, image creation and selection, content promotion strategy and link building strategy.
  • Define SEO processes that are necessary during the content creation. – Content outline, keyword placement and image optimization.
  • Give yourself SEO responsibilities after creating the content. – Publish content, promote content on social media, market content for backlinks via email outreach, write a guest post about your content, monitor content
    performance over time.


Another addition to SEO tips 2019 would not focus just on the keyword data. Yes, it’s true that you have to save yourself from becoming too technical when researching keywords. Or, you can say that it should be a merger of technical aspect and topical analysis of keywords.

Of course, you still need to find competition level and search volume for keywords. But, it is also important to dig deeper and understand the intent of a keyword. Merging user intent in keyword strategy also gives you a clear perspective of how your content should be. You become aware of the topic outline and concept that keyword requires.


Quality-wise, both audiences and influencers want you to impress them. For audiences, it is normally the readability and usefulness. Influencers, on the other hand, desire promotional traits along with all other qualities. It is important for you to separate your audiences and influencers in terms of SEO strategies and techniques. The idea is to understand separately and execute everything together. Ask following questions when designing your SEO strategies:

  • What answers do audiences want?
  • Are influencers looking for more in-depth content than regular audiences?
  • Which keywords and topics can impress both influencers and audiences?
  • Does a content piece have strong readability, usefulness and promotional traits along with it?


Your website is just one platform to reach out to your target audience. The online world is about communities of audiences, viewers, influencers and peers. You need to tap into all those communities through different pathways such as:

  • Youtube SEO
  • Q&A forums such as Quora
  • Social Media
  • Industry-focused sites for guest postings

Empowering useful content with SEO optimization can actually help your site as a brand. This is why you need to invest in working on search engine optimization. Even when you are writing Quora answer or posting simple news about your site or business on social media. How to use SEO on all platforms?

  • Always follow a clear keyword pattern when promoting content on different platforms.
  • Understand the platform itself to modify your SEO techniques for better results.
  • Find and follow a voice that becomes your brand’s identity on every platform.
  • Add useful links to bring traffic to your official site.


Every tip offered in this post can easily align with your current SEO tactics. So, these SEO techniques will definitely help you empower your site’s rankings and authority in 2019. Hopefully, these SEO tips for 2019 will have made you feel more confident about the online game plan for your site this year.